Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Kitchen Reno 2013: Days 13 and 14 - almost there...

Yes, the end is in sight.  I'm so happy, yet still stressed at the same time. There is still so much to do, at least on my side.

Day 13 was mostly about caulking and painting.  I'll spare you the jokes, and just say that Jamie did a great job, as I've come to expect (but am still very happy to acknowledge and give credit where it is very much due).  This guy can paint baseboard without putting tape or anything on the floor!

Speaking of baseboard-- apparently, I don't need quarter-round in the dining room b/c they did such a great job installing the floor, we don't really have a big gap or anything that needs to be covered up.

Day 14 was again about painting some remaining items, very small detail stuff, and Andrew was back to put some finishing touches on the kitchen.  Toe kicks (the piece that finishes the cabinet, so you don't see underneath it) on a couple pieces, and adjustments to the sliding door shutters (apparently the floor IS a 1/4 inch higher than it had been previously), and the last couple knobs (I actually put them on myself, woo.)

Whatever they were doing, it took all day to do it.  The last hour or so was spent removing all their tools from the house, and most (but not all) from the garage.

Then, Andrew went out and got a mop and some cleaner stuff, and Jamie and he each took a turn mopping down the floors.  Actually, they vacuumed with the shop-vac, and then while Andrew was out, I vacuumed again, trying to get the white dust out of the dark shadow lines between the floor boards and around the edges of everything.
THEN the guys each mopped the whole floor 1x while the other wiped up.  I wiped down the counter tops and the fridge (which was way dirtier than it looked... oh stainless steel, how I love your camouflage ability). Yuk, but it's done.

The floor is about 85% clean now, probably needs 2 more passes to be really clean, and maybe a toothbrush in some spots.
Also, there 1 big scratch, but we'll get a floor crayon thingy to cover that up... I'm glad there's not more, but I'm not really fussed, as my UK friends would say.

I don't want to give away the big reveal, so I'll keep my pics limited...  Monday might see the return of Jamie, but I'm not sure why... maybe just to pick up the rest of the tools?
Tuesday, Rob the electrician comes back to finish the pendant lights over the peninsula, the ceiling fan in the living room, and a few final electrical things on the panel, and he said he'd give us new plugs all around so they're not all grimy and with paint (many are original to the house and have the OLD paint on them).

Here's a few pics to tide you over...

Dining room, almost done! Clean-ish floor too
Sneak peek, pantry persective.

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