Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kitchen Reno 2013: Day 11 - O, the DRAMA!

I'm so spiritually exhausted today. Total emotional rollercoaster.  Let me share with you...

I started the day by sitting BOLT UPRIGHT in bed at 7:29am, immediately noticing that my hubby had NOT woken me up (as previously agreed upon, EVERY NIGHT OF THE RENO)... the dog was upstairs, the baby gate in place, but my work had yet to be done.

Every morning, I run around the house making things ready for the guys. 
First, I roll up Haka's 2 carpets (he lies on one near the air vent in front of the front door, and the other is near his bed so he doesn't "bambi" if he gets up quickly).
Then, I move his bed to the basement.  This is his bed:

No small feat.

Then I put away his dog bowls that are downstairs (from his 5pm and 10pm meals).
Then I move my car onto the street, so the guys can make full use of the driveway.
Then I run back upstairs and give Haka his morning cookies, including his *stress ease* cookies, so he won't pace and freak out all day with the guys coming and going downstairs.

Soooo... today, I got all this done by 7:46am, when the first of the crew arrived.

Adam and Andrew, and shortly after, Jamie the Painter, arrived to, I had hoped, paint.

Nay nay, said the gods of Renovation.  You silly human.  You thought you'd be DONE this week? You spoke of Friday, when today is only Monday?
Bwahahahahahahaha... we will throw you many curve-balls and emotional lightning bolts, and put you in your place!

Um, so, ya.  They couldn't paint b/c there wasn't enough prep work done previously... So they spent the morning sanding the ceiling and other patched places, and using much caulk around the crown molding, and other tricks of the trade to make all the seams and nail holes disappear.

Side note: in my head, and online with my friend David, and with my hubby, many juvenile *caulk* jokes were made.  I won't subject you to them here, but just know that I am not even remotely above "going there" and I snickered many times.

Adam made a big hole in the coat closet wall, trying to create enough support for our new floating shelves that go on the wall above the peninsula.
He got it done, now we just need for that patch to dry and get mudded some more, sanded some more.... more dust please! Thank you sir, may I have another?

Jamie did manage to get a coat of paint on the crown molding in the dining room, and then the caulk was dry enough (snicker) to put a 2nd coat of green on the dining room.  Just a couple small patches left to do in there, and we will call the dining room done.
But it's not yet.

Meanwhile... is that BURNING I smell?
I ran downstairs in the early afternoon, and lo and behold, the plumber was here.
I'd been advised that he would be old and Polish (that's a quote... not sure what I imagined, but someone like my grandfather came to mind).  Instead, I got Scott, who looks like what you'd see if Hugh Jackman got skinny, had his goatee, and longish hair.  Very nice guy, easy to work with, and answered my questions, didn't make me feel like an idiot...

Anyway-- he was installing the Kohler magic faucet when I came downstairs, and then he called me when it was time to do the dishwasher.

You remember, the dishwasher? that leaked? and caused the floor damage, that required the floors to be ripped up... that led to the renovation? THAT dishwasher?

Well, seems that the intake valve might not have been the only culprit in that leak.  Scott couldn't install the machine because the outflow hose, the big white one that is sort of like an accordion?
Imagine if that had been eaten by moths... ya. UGH.
That was the skeletal remains I saw, and I immediately realized, THE RENOVATION GODS ARE SPEAKING TO ME and they are saying-- go buy a new dishwasher.

So I begged Scott not to leave (and he went and replaced the refrigerator water hose instead) and I zoooooomed to the nearest appliance store, ran in, bought a floor model (Samsung), wheedled a bit of a discount on top of the floor model price, and got the 2 guys to load it into my car.
Maybe 20 minutes total.
Zoooooomed back home, and Scott and Jamie unloaded it, and installed it.

And then, buyers' remorse sunk in.  My model does not have the best reviews online.  Some are stellar, but many are not.  Luckily, none of the issues involve water leakage.
Actually, funnily enough, this model has a leak sensor.

So, happiness turns to fretting as I read more and more reviews.  To shorten the story, hubby and I decide to keep it for now (I have 30 days to return it, and after that, I actually have a 5 year warranty, that includes replacement of the unit if it has to be fixed more than 3 times).
I read the user guide front to back, and I feel confident I know how to load it so that the dishes will get clean.
Fingers crossed.

So, I'm back at ground level of my rollercoaster.  Tonight, I have filtered water from my fridge door, and ice too.  I'm washing the dogs bowls in the dishwasher.

And to top it all off-- I have the worlds smartest faucet. 
Well, as long as it's plugged in. 
Without power, it's just cool to look at.

Here's the video for you-- and it works just like this. But mine's stainless, not shiny:

I'll have pics for you tomorrow, I promise :)

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